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EXHIBIT 1996-1998

The soul in the painting
The golden fleece
The spiral
The women and the soul
The invisible artist

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150 paintings selection
The invisible artist

Works by Vittorio Mazzucconi
from the Foundation's collection

October 12 - December 21, 1999

The invisible artist is a mystery, a sacred mystery, but the exhibition also wants to show the difficult condition of the artist, his isolation, his condition of not really being in the world, except through his works. The two paintings which appears on the image (°) show both aspects of this work, the human one and the divine one, as if they were reflected one into the other.
Every authentic artist is well conscious not to be the real author of his work. His hand has been guided. The more profound and beautiful ideas have not been an invention of him but, in a certain way, they have been suggested to him.
Therefore, to whom belongs the invisible hand that guides him? It is very much like as the Spirit itself who gives the life, the Spirit to whom the man tends with all his forces in his long journey towards the divine, would give life to the work of art as well. Without such a gift, the latter would be a dead work, as in fact in most case it is.
On the other hand, the artist, as a man, has a tendency to resemble a little to his spiritual father, as he also becomes invisible. One wouldn’t really believe it, if one judges from the narcissism of so many artists who, on the contrary, are wishing to expose themselves in thousands of occasions, but this could only be a reaction, the reverse of the medal.
The reality which the artist wants to express, from the deepest lay of his soul, is not perceived but in an approximate way, with the distorting lens of the critics, the history and the market. And this proves to be the more true, the more the artist’s work is authentic, that say it is a dialogue between the artist and the Spirit, a dialogue that leads his soul in a long enchanted path (that say the particular manner in which the artist runs along the spiritual path which is common to all men), while only a few words of such a dialogue reach the other men hears, only a few steps of this path are visible…only the shadow of a presence, in a great absence.