immagine istituzionale della Fondazione - particolare de 'Il lavoro spirituale' opera di Vittorio Mazzucconi The Vittorio Mazzucconi


EXHIBIT 1996-1998

The soul in the painting
The golden fleece
The spiral
The women and the soul
The invisible artist

Index of the works:
The Stone Man and the Angel 1976-77
Aurora "
The Sky and the Earth "
The Angel and the Boulder "
The Angel and the sleeping Man "
The pain 1989-91
The Swimmer "
Aurora 1990 "
The Birth 1993-96
Benediction "
I'm thinking my woman "
The Snail "
The Soul 1994 "
The Tomb "
The Dream 1995 "
The way of the Soul "
The inner aurora "
The Soul "
The dark Self "
The Way (Resurrection) "


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150 paintings selection
The soul in the painting

Works by Vittorio Mazzucconi
from the Foundation's collection

January 14 – March 28, 1998


acrylic on canvas, 172 x 172
manifesto of the Exhibition
Most contemporary art is more interested in language than content, and concept rather than feeling, not to mention its various tendencies, provocations and market conditioning. Mazzucconi, on the contrary, believes in the content, the true and perennial one, that is the human soul, the very soul that the world of today denies, as it denies God. A soul that he does not perceive within a religious or philosophical belief but in a naturally springing meditation that accompanies all his work. The various events that happen in life are rooted for him in an inner dimension, even if they manifest themselves in contingent reality. He communicates that dimension with his books, his architectures, and the paintings in which the angel often appears as the announcer of a spiritual message. It speaks to us about the meaning of life and liberation to which it leads, as a new birth after a path of darkness, love and sorrow.