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150 paintings selection
The body and the soul 2015

Vittorio Mazzucconi's anthological exhibition
in collaboration with the Mudima Foundation

September 23 to October 10, 2015

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The Body and the Soul, oil on canvas, 1990

The themes presented in the exhibition relate to different periods, along thirty years, and to their experiences, which are not only pictorial, but existential and psychological. They also have roots immersed in the ancient myths that Mazzucconi has spontaneously re-lived in life and work. Given the large number of artist's works (around 400), the exhibition is a selection limited to about twenty, while the video integrates it with the images of other works. The exhibition is organized in several rooms dedicated to the following themes:

A 1976-78 Prologue
A prologue similar to that of the ancient tragedies, where, almost by the mouth of a deity, the themes that will be carried out are announced: love, life, death, and beyond.

Birth 1976
Iside 1976
Lunar 1977
The spiritual Work 1977

B 1979-81 Eurydice
Eros is bursting into the artist's life with the story of a love and its end, with Orpheus looking for the lost Eurydice. (B.) The descent to the Hades has a great part also in the maturation of the artist and man, with the awareness of the shadow.

The Kiss 1978
The kepì 1978
The sphinx 1978
The Golden Fleece 1979
Oracle 1 1979

C 1982-89 The Night of the Soul
A time when pain seems to have put off life.

Jumeaux 1978
The Harpy 1978
Atlantis 1978
Poseydon 1980
The Fall 1980
Nativity 1983

D 1989-91 Proserpina
Love renews with the P. story but, in the middle of its most beautiful moment, something occurs that makes remember the Persephone drama, when she was raped by Pluto and dragged into Hades, of which she become the queen. Nevertheless she was not condemned to remain in the darkness for ever, because she could alternate it with the light of life.

The mysteries of love 1 1989
The swimmer 1990
Alchemicus 1989
The Pain 1990
Crucifixion 1991
The Body and the Soul 1990

E 1990-93 Freedom
The artist also comes back to life with new works and free experiences.

The creation of Eva 1992
Non-communication 1992
Joy in Spring 1993
Pain in spring 1993

F 1993-98 Psyche
A complex and contradictory love, such as between Eros and Psyche. When, in it, the Psyche is welcomed among the Gods, then the divine destiny of the human soul is realized.

I think my Soul 1994
No longer the Garden of Eden 1994-99
Soul 1994
The inner aurora 1997

G 1999-2004 Papers
Without love, but with new consciousness.

The angel 1999
Sphinx 1999
The kingdom 2004

Exhibition Catalog: è : it is one of Mazzucconi's books "Art and Psyche" ("the story of the soul through my painting and beyond").

See also: "The Journey" (a Life, Works, and Thoughts)