General Rules (abstract)  


The Vittorio Mazzucconi Foundation, which is holding the Competitions, is a non-profit organisation. .It has no control over the areas or buildings which are concerned by the architectural Competition, nor does it have any power to realise the projects. The Museum of Contemporary Art mentioned in the Competition announcement is only a proposed project and not a real Institution. All works submitted in the Competitions remain the property of their authors and will be sent back to them at their expenses. Alternatively, the artists who would wish to do so, could contribute with a donation ( with the previous Foundation's approval) to a special fund to be transferred to the Museum of Contemporary Art in the future.
The Foundation reserves the right to apply to the Rules the modifications which would prove necessary.


The Jury will be composed by two working groups, each of which will contribute with 50% of the votes.
-    The first group will be composed by the Cultural Committee of the      Foundation, which will also invite international persons of culture and      representatives of public Institutions with a competence in specific areas      covered.
-    The second group, on the contrary, will be made up of the actual      participants of each Competition ( with procedures to be worked out), who      will thus be able to present and discuss their own works with other      participants within a democratic approach. Languages of the Contest:      English and Italian


The Jury will establish a list of winning works for each Competition. Awards are based on merit and do not offer any financial remuneration.

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd price
  • 10 honourable mentions

    For every Competition, the Foundation organises in its premises or in other spaces:

  • a one-man exhibit to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners.
  • a collective exhibit to the 10 mentioned artists.
  • the video projections
  • the presentation of the Art Critics essays.

    However, should eventual sponsorship allow it, the Foundation will be glad to propose the acquisition of their works.