Competition of Visual Arts

An international competition to which artists are invited to participate with a work ideally dedicated to the new Museum of Contemporary Art, which is part of the CITADEL OF CULTURE project, a museum to be invented, open to new ideas and not only concerning the preservation of recognised values.

  •    Painting
  •    Sculpture
  •    Mixed Media
  •    Photography
  •    Video Art
  •    Art Criticism

    The New Man
    Cover of the book: : V. Mazzucconi: "The city in the image and likeness of Man" (Hoepli, 1967)

    This is the essential theme for works in all the above disciplines and in the Seminar:
    the man who, after having lived and deeply witnessed the drama of our times, recovers the spiritual centre of his being.

    The essays of art criticism or "Art's Philosophy" which conclude the project will require critics to make a contribution parallel to that of artists, with the aim of delineating a new idea, a movement towards the art opening the third millennium.
    The project will be further developed in the next years, open to new disciplines, in collaboration with other cultural Institutes.