The Course's program

The Course subject is the preliminary study of the project:

The Citadel
    of Culture

to be proposed for Milan, in the Sempione Park area and in the surrounding areas, in particular the area currently occupied by the Ferrovie Nord (Northern Railroad) Overall, the project includes:

·  An International Cultural Centre (similar, in size and
   function, to the Pompidou Centre in Paris) with a Library, a
   Media Centre, a Cinematheque and sections also for Design
   and Fashion

·  A Contemporary Art Museum, which is part of the Centre

·   An Auditorium for 2500 persons called "The Ark of the Millennium"

·  The restructuring of the Arena, destined to become a multipurpose,    covered space.

·  The integration within the new project of existing monumental buildings:    besides the Arena, the Castello Sforzesco, the Arco della Pace, the    Triennale, the Giorgio Strehler Theatre, the Acquario Civico, and the Torre    Branca

·  A new design for the Sempione Park which exalts the function of the central    space - a large green Forum - of the Citadel


Every student will develop his own project in a completely autonomous way or, at choice, in a small team with other students. The work will be carried out under the direction of Mr Vittorio Mazzucconi and his assistants.
The Universities from which the students are coming will be required to give credits for the Course.
Languages of the Course: English, Italian