The Workshop 'The Citadel of Culture' includes, besides the Seminar and the Contests of Architecture and Visual Arts, a Summer Course on Architecture and Urban Design.
In fact, we think that the Workshop will be, for those who attend it, an experience which will not only be professional but educational. If many artists, architects, scholars and the citizens themselves may acquire through this initiative a greater awareness of the values of Man, Art and the City, there is no doubt that the young have a special right to be educated to this awareness and to contribute to it with the enthusiasm and the strength of their age.

a Course + a Contest

The Course will be handled from June 7 to July 3. The exhibition and the prize-giving are scheduled for middle July. The Course is open to students and graduated. Its object is the same project of the Citadel for which the Contest of Architecture has been launched.
The schedule has been studied in order to have simultaneously the exhibition of the students' works and the one of the Contestants' works.
Nevertheless, the two series of projects are separated on every other respect, in order to avoid them to reciprocally interfere. The projects will be separately exhibited, and there will be two different judgements.

The advantages of an association between both programs are nevertheless evident. The students can learn a lot, not only in the Course, where they can develop their own project, but also at the Course's end, in the confrontation with a hundred different solutions for the same theme, elaborated by architects from all over the world, with a reciprocal enrichment.
An other interesting point is the relationship between the students and the artists who take part in the Contests of Visual Arts. Their works, which will be exposed during the Course, will certainly stimulate the students, who will thus be able to share ( this is the very essence of the program) an experience of integration between the arts.