The best projects will be awarded the following prizes:

1st prize:       total refund of the Course tuition fee

2nd price:       50% refund of the above fee
3nd price:       30% refund of the above fee.
10 mentions   (honourable)

The Course will be held in the Foundation's premises, of about 500 sm. The building is situated in one of the more interesting areas of Milan, in front of the Renaissance Saint Christopher Church and along the Naviglio Grande, which is part of the hydraulic works designed by Leonardo. There is also a garden with a waterfall. that's why we have called this place the: Il Luogo della Cascata (the water-fall's site). The Foundation's building includes a Cafeteria, open on the garden, where the students could relax or study during the intervals, or even take their lunch.
In case there will be problems for this arrangement, we reserve the possibility of making the Course in another suitable space.

Social Activities

Guided visits to the main Museums and monuments of the city will be organized during the Course. (Milan has a considerable artistic patrimony and many cultural events, even in Summer). There will also be two trips in the weekends to Venice and to the Lago Maggiore (costs of travel, food and, if required, overnight stay, are not included) The Workshop exhibitions' openings and the Summer Solstice feast of June 21 will give the opportunity of meeting many people and making friends.