Foundation (5/6)

Il Luogo della Cascata

After the cessation of the activities of the exhibition space and the Cafeteria, the Cultural Association IL LUOGO DELLA CASCATA started in 2015 an editorial activity related to the Foundation, publishing the "Orientation" series of the latest Vittorio Mazzucconi' books.

The "Luogo della Cascata"

Not far from the suburbs, near the Naviglio Grande and just before getting to the Chiesina di San Cristoforo (The Small Church of Saint Cristopher), there is a small stretch of green that runs alongside a water-course. Here, thanks to the Cascata (The Waterfall), the Naviglio joins the Olona. It is here that there lies a loft of about 700 square metres, the Head Office of the Foundation. The site is a one-off for Milan; mysterious like every place that Vittorio Mazzucconi invents (in the Latin sense of the word invenire, that is to say, to find, not only in reality, but in an inner dimension. The birth of an encounter, a magical relationship, a work of art).

La Caffetteria ("Il luogo della Cascata Cafè")

The name of the site is also the name shared by the Cafeteria of the Foundation, created following the footsteps of many American and European Cultural Institutions. The Foundation's Cafeteria, is run by a parallel Cultural Association whose aim is that of encouraging socialisation and conviviality. The Cafeteria has the Foundation's same opening hours: all days from 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. (Except Mondays - closed all day - and Wednesdays in which the Foundation closes at 11.00 p.m.). It is, therefore, possible to serve visitors with drinks and snacks at every hour: during the lunch break, for example. It is also possible to organise a special buffet on request, on particular occasions.

Area dedicated to new tendencies

The same Association runs an independent exhibition area, side by side with the Foundation. This allows for other voices and tendencies to emerge with their authenticity, and promotes their divulgation and growth.