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EXHIBIT 1996-1998

The soul in the painting
The golden fleece
The spiral
The women and the soul
The invisible artist

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Osiris 1976-77
Spiritus "
Oracle 1 1978-79
Oracle 2 "
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Kundalini "
Figure "
Jehovah "
Osyris "
The shipwreck "
Quadratus "
Nativity 1987-89
Sleeping soul "
Black Osyris "
The artist "
Alchemicus 1989-91
The mysteries of love 3 "
Crucifixion (details)"
The Self speaks to the soul 1991-93
The Self and the Soul "
The soul and the personality1993-96


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150 paintings selection
The golden fleece

Works by Vittorio Mazzucconi
from the Foundation's collection

October 6 - December 19, 1998

The golden fleece, oil on canvas, 1978

The choice of the title is to mean the fundamental quest which is that of our true spiritual being, the Self, so precious to call it a golden one. It is clearly indicated as man's destiny in Hinduism and less in other religions, where it is often hidden behind other representations, as can be considered Krishna, Buddha, and Christ himself. In Jungian psychology, it is the goal of the path of idividualization, with which man acquires a fully developed personality: a difficult journey, which goes from the dark or mutilated Self (The Golden Fleecel) to the highest achievement. It appears spontaneously in Mazzucconi's paintings, in his designs of the Arches and in his philosophy, of which is the pivot. (See the books of Convivio and the series Orientation)