Program of the Workshop

The Vittorio Mazzucconi Foundation announces an interdisciplinary Workshop on the project:

The Citadel
  of Culture

TheWorkshop è includes:
        Contests of Architecture and Visual Arts
         Seminar:
            Seminar: THE NEW MAN: Art in progress
            for the next Millennium

         Course on Architecture and Urban Design

Milan, April - July 1999

The Project    
The poster of the Workshop

Milan is a city with a lack of vision. It is true that today, after a long period of standstill, there are many initiatives, but they only show a sort of managerial approach, which presents growing difficulties and contradictions.
What is really lacking is a knowledge, not only of the actual problems and of their solutions, but of a philosophy able to go beyond the contingencies and to propose an ideal to the city.
The problems of Milan, traffic, pollution, chaotic development - like every big city - would already be difficult to handle, without the emergence of two major phenomena. The European Community and the immigration from the Third World will lead to the explosion of a completely different city. We would like it to be the civilised place of encounter and development which it has always been and, furthermore, to attain a new dimension, a new culture. But, is it possible?

On the other hand, the crisis of the city does not concern Milan alone. It has a world wide and epochal dimension. Destruction, chaos, exponential and dramatic acceleration of all phenomena surround us. Yet, these are also the signs announcing a new world and we should proceed in the direction they show, with courage and hope.

Alas, it is not only the economical and political world to fail to sense the problem, but also art and other forms of culture.
What would the new functions of art be, were we to become aware of this orientation?

It would definitely not be to descend in the void and in the confusion which art so often shows. No, we should work at a deep renewal of man, from which only a new art might arise.
Our idea is to unite all forces in a nucleus, in a common undertaking with this very purpose.
It will be like a rampart or a trench dug in defence, facing the chaos of the contemporary world. It will be also like digging the furrows in which to deposit the seeds of a future civilisation