The Citadel
  of Culture

Is a great effort to be centred in our own souls, in the world in which we live, in our city, in art and in culture. An effort which can be undertaken everywhere, although we start it from Milan. While becoming conscious of our history - the crucial period in which we live is very similar to the epoch equally crucial of the Archbishop Ambrogio - we are engaged today in the concrete service of our city.
The project can give hope, particularly to young people. While renovating culture, art and architecture, it can act like a steering-wheel in the process of giving new life to the whole city.

To the Mayor of Milan    

We invite you to take into serious consideration our project and to evaluate, in particular, the positive trends which can be determined by the following points:

- a strong image, woven with history and the identity of the city, whose Castle, integrated in our project, is one of prominent symbols.

- a great theme: not only the Citadel but, inside it, the proposal for a new MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART, which would certainly win an international renown. Just think of the gain, in terms of image, of the Paris Beaubourg or the Bilbao's Museum.

- unity among the Arts: the more effective experience - from classical civilisation to Renaissance and to the Bauhaus - for giving an impulse to ideas, talents and works.

- a democratic approach: without it all cultural projects are only cosmetics, with no relationship with real and new values. We need Contests open to all the creative men of the world and especially to young people, and not commissions given to prestigious architects or merely celebrating exhibitions.

- an ideal, beyond contingencies:
It is time to put ourselves at work to open the Millennium!