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Our purpose

The Foundation was established by Vittorio Mazzucconi, through the donation of his works and by his providing the space, the structure and the means necessary for the new activity. The Foundation claims two main objectives:

The pledge to safeguard a conception of art different to that dominating nowadays: Art intended as an expression of the soul and not of theories, fashions, ambitions or market. Art as an inner quest, as a meditation, not as a strictly mental exercise nor, as too often occurs, as deception and vain appearance. In other words, Art as it has always been and as it only seldom manages to be today - in spite of the worthiness of many men and of many ideas - due to the dramatic evolution of the world. It is a widespread phenomenon, with no precedent in all of History, that undermines our every human value; but that requires, and arouses at the same time, a new inspiration, a new creative force, the birth of a new reality.
Our aim, therefore, is that of recognising the seeds of this blossom... in man, in enterprises and in new forms of art that are needed today; and to indicate with a clear voice their new foundation, which cannot only lie in the specific culture of Art (presently become barren and warped, in the majority of cases), but is to be sought in the impelling urgency for man to find his soul’s way once again.
Besides Art forms, the Foundation will, therefore, carry out a research on the contents, or rather only on the contents that counts: the truth, the sacredness of life. It will thus welcome even other branches, different to those of Art, in which this quest may have been expressed. In such a way a process of fecundation will commence, and both art and man will find their fulcrum once more: the Divine in each one of us.
The Work of Vittorio Mazzucconi, in the Art sector, from painting to architecture, to his books, and his very life have always been aimed in this direction, with coherence and authenticity.
The Foundation, therefore, sets itself the goal of preserving, analysing and divulging such an opus, so that its founding value result evident and that it be at the service of Art, of society and, in particular, of the formation of future generations.