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Who's Vittorio Mazzucconi
The first Foundation's twenty years

Welcome to the Foundation!

A work at man's service

The Foundation is based on the work of Vittorio Mazzucconi, a great architect, artist and thinker who contributed to a new spirituality for our time.
But what is meant by spirituality?
The opposite of the materialism that today dominates the world, ie the soul's recovery that science, technology and even current culture have denied, as well as denied God. It is a necessary rebalancing, in keeping with natural harmony, whose abandonment is today the cause of the man's crisis and the destruction of the world. There is nothing confessional in the idea of ??a new spirituality, but, on the contrary, the awareness of man who recognizes the life's deep meaning, not in the forms of one religion or another, but in itself, in every other creature and everything.

Which work?

The true work is the one that is accomplished by working primarily on oneself, in order to achieve this recognition, and bringing its fruits in every field of human activity. Here are the fields where Vittorio Mazzucconi worked, and whose deepening is therefore the subject of the Foundation's mission:

The City in Man's Image and Similarity,


The metropolis of our time is a muddle of problems, formed during a social, economic, technological evolution, not only of the city but of the world, which increases its complexity with a progressive acceleration. The path to their orderly solution is likely to be interrupted by with a possible catastrophe caused by the explosion of contemporary civilization. Instead, it is necessary to have a true "refoundation" of the city, only possible if an interior renewal takes place. Vittorio Mazzucconi therefore develops a thought that looks at history as well as today and tomorrow, but above all to an ideal "city of man", and delineates its principles, first of all that of education of young people because they learn how to solve problems in the light of true knowledge.

Critical Contributions

22 Avenue Matignon, Paris, 1975


Architecture must be based on the balance between different factors, rich in both realism and imagination. It must also be in harmony with nature, with history, and above all with the soul, as it is a true art and not a mere technology. A harmony that Mazzucconi lives fully in his projects but who is also aware of the disharmony of a world that is at the threshold of a catastrophe. It is this awareness that inspired works such as building 22, Avenue Matignon (Paris) or the many Arches that the architect has tirelessly proposed in so many cities, including the Ark des Halles (Paris), the Arche des Neiges (Cantal), The New Agora (Athens), Das Schloss (Berlin), The Palatine Pyramid (Rome), the Cathedral Ark (Milan).
In these latter projects there is another fundamental idea: that of the overturned pyramid, which expresses a profound impulse to the "reversal" of a reality based on materialism, similar to the cumulation of stones of a traditional pyramid, to propose to be founded on a spiritual principle. This will generate a new birth and a new openness, as the hope for the beginning of a new civilization.

Critical Contributions

The inner Aurora, 1977


A commitment to defending a concept of art that is different from today's art: an art that will be the expression of the soul and not of theories, modes, ambitions, market. Art as a meditation on life and not as purely mental exercise or, too often, as fallacy, exteriority or mere provocation. Art just as it has always been and how today rarely succeeds, despite the great value of so many men and many ideas, due to the dramatic evolution of the world. For Vittorio Mazzucconi, it is the recording of an inner path that starts from the darkness of the shadow, proper to the human condition, and proceeds to the light: an inner light that opens in us as a dawn. The only subject of his painting is the soul, in his eternal life, love, sorrow, and death: a constant inspiration wich finds a personification in the woman, whose love is interpreted by the painter in many forms of beauty, fertility, sense of life. This leads to a sublimation with which the soul, thanks to love, becomes aware of its deity.


Critical Contributions

Vittorio Mazzucconi, 1994


For Vittorio Mazzucconi, philosophy is a draw to the source, not the philosophers's fishing out in the river of the history of philosophy, which was largely departed from the source. But where is the source? It is in the soul's life. In addition to Mazzucconi's painting, all his workshops and books have been inspired by it in continuous meditation. If true philosophy is what the word indicates - love of wisdom - and if wisdom is nothing other than knowledge united with love, philosophy can only be deeply religious, centering not on an abstract God but on man, on his soul and destiny, and recognizing his "divine" archetype and end. We have to acquire real consciousness of it today, with a new philosophy that can connect science to soul's knowledge and to the laical ethics of a finally adult man.

Critical Contributions