Vittorio Mazzucconi's paintings,
with the Artist's comments

The Bicycle
107 x 150, acrylic on paper
  The bicycle isn’t an instrument suit to go up the stairs, for reaching a kind of golden idol. One of the wheels has a different purpose, as is turn itself into a rotating centre of light, steeped in the rosy light of an aurora. This seems to me an unconscious representation of the Foundation and of my path.

Ancient memories
108 x 150, acrylic on paper
  Once again Egypt, the country of my secret soul…

The Cuban lady
109 x 150, acrylic on paper
  A cry, a longing, while a physical presence is re-emerging in my memory.

The Form and the Essence
108 x 150, acrylic on paper
  …or even the body and the soul: the soul intent upon its harmony and the body that is broken like a shell, showing its emptiness…or also the end of a love and the return to my inner life.

With no face
108 x 150, acrylic on paper

From an original non-documented of: 1998.08.13
  Giuseppina was sitting on a low wall in the terrace, under the pergola of the Panarea house…
In her portrait, which I painted that day, our separation and an almost hostile presence could already be perceived.
When the painting has been remade in 2001, in the sad remembering of our love, the features of the face had been cancelled, while changed also the joyful light of a summer day, for becoming the dramatic aura in which the figure is merged. Nevertheless, the green of hope, the pink of a new aurora and the golden embroidery of the dress announce the sacredness of such a detachment.

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